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by Amod Joshi on March 1, 2012

Headache Control Technique - Silva Life SystemOnce again, like Sleep problem, Headache is something which we learnt while growing up. As a child, we probably learn it from other people around us or we learn it as a technique to avoid a certain situation. There may be that test in the school or some small fight with your friend and you wanted to avoid going to school. Or it could be that you, as a child have seen your parents coming home and complaining about headache or being too tired at work. And then you are programmed to do the same and have the same experience when you come back from work.

No matter what type of headache, even migraine, you may have, the root has to go back to the past or to some stress.

The Technique –

To teach the body how to not create the headache, we need to go to our Alpha level by the 3-1 technique and then you walk yourself through these 5 steps –

  1. Identify the problem – I have the Headache and I feel the Headache
  2. State your desire – I don’t want a Headache, I do not want to feel the Headache
  3. State the plan – I will count from 1-5 and at the count of 5, I will have no headache and I will not feel the headache
  4. Execute the plan – Count 1 to 5, reminding yourself that at count of 5 your will be free from headache.
  5. At the count of 5, be free from the headache.

Once you get into habit of getting rid of the headaches this way, you would train your body not to have headaches at all. Also, if you are a person, who would get a headache after being in a smoking area or after eating a particular thing or doing a particular action, then you can add this to your technique and train your body not to produce headaches in such situations by accepting these situations.

Glove Anastasia Technique

The brain is connected to all the parts of the body through nerves. To demonstrate the principal of pain transmission, bite your own finger. What essentially happens is that the cells from the pain area (your finger) generates an electric signal and transfers it to the neighbouring cells. Some of the neighbouring cells may get excited and carry the signal further, while some may block the signal. This is known as Gate control theory – like opening the gates to the pain. According to the Gate control Theory, our thoughts, beliefs and emotions will affect how much pain we feel or gates we open. The attention we give to the pain makes it even worse. That way we are telling the brain to be more active towards that part of the body and hence opening many gates for the pain signal to travel to the brain. The emotional state we are in or the belief that we have will contribute as well. If a person is unhappy and kicks the leg of a big table, will experience more pain, then a person who is happy and may be dancing and hits the leg of the same table with the same force.

Just like the pain signal that travels in our body, in a relaxed state of mind, our body releases endorphins – a feel-good chemical. Also while meditating at the Theta level, we cannot actively experience the pain. We enter a pain free zone.

The Glove Anastasia uses these 3 principals – Gate Control Technique, Endorphins released in relaxation and Theta level meditation to relive the pain.

The Technique

The Glove Technique is bit hard to explain in writing and to ensure that your get the right results and do the right steps, it will be a good idea to experience it yourself. Just to give you a glimpse – It is a technique where you empower your hand to heal or stop the pain at any place in the body. A different kind of sensation is created on one of the hand and then that hand is placed on the pain point and you would say “Gone”. It may sound like an overstatement, but when you would hear it from Laura Silva herself; you would understand the power behind it. When you experience yourself, it will quickly become a part of you. 

Meditation & My Experience

In this module, once again Laura Silva guides you through a powerful meditation using the 3-1 countdown to enter the Alpha Level. There is a special piece of music in this module as well and this time it is a pulsating type with 5 ticks per second. This background music helps you to move into Theta level. Once at Theta level, Laura Silva programs each of these Techniques in your mind and then bring you back to Alpha and then awake. This way the next time you have to use this technique, it is there in you mind registered. With practice, the results will just be better and quicker.

There is another technique – Glass of Water Technique, explained in this module. Once again, it is best described by Laura Silva in her own way and it will not be worthwhile to replicate and do justice if I include it here in this article.

I did not have headache yesterday and did not apply the technique, but I have been experiencing a great meditation last few days. The peculiar music and Laura’s programming, makes me sleep like a baby and when I wake up at 4am to write these articles, I am fresh and ideas flow in and come out in words on these posts.

Once again, Laura Silva’s powerful guided Meditation cannot be recreated via writing. Also, she shares some wonderful stories and these ideas in detail in each module. To experience this yourself and to get this information directly from the source, get your own copy of Silva Life System now!

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Silva Life System

Silva Life System

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