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by Amod Joshi on February 29, 2012

The first 2 Modules covered the methodology of Silva Life System and now from 3rd modules we start with techniques. These techniques target specific problems in our day to day life. In order to manifest an abundant life, we must bring Order in our living. We need to sort the small bits and pieces and then start making space for the big Dream that we want to manifest. These intial Techniques will exactly do the same thing.

 Sleep Control

There are so many people who have problems to get into the sleep. No matter, how much caffeine they cut down, they still cannot sleep. As a baby we always knew how to fall sleep, but as we grew up we learn how not to fall asleep. Silva Method technique teaches again how to fall asleep naturally. In the previous modules, the Meditation exercises, showed how to get into the Alpha and then Theta levels, by going deeper within. The same way, we now need to enter Alpha, Theta and then Delta to enter into deep sleep.

Most of the time, when a person is not able to sleep, it is due to the external distractions or the ongoing internal self-talk or stress. In such situations, our Brain operates at the Beta level and is very active. The Sleep control technique slows down the frequency to Alpha, Theta and then Delta levels. It takes the advantage of the function of the brain, where brain starts to switch off various processes when involved in monotonous work. That probably could be the reason, why in old days, they would ask you to count stars or sheep if you have hard time to enter sleep.

The Technique –

While sleeping in the bed, relax your body and mind – entering into the Alpha level. Imagine you are in front of a chalk board or a white board. Draw a large circle and write a big ‘X’ in the circle. On the right side, outside the circle, write ‘Deeper’. Each time you write deeper, you are going into deeper and deeper level into a healthy sleep. Now erase the ‘X’, without erasing the circle and write the number ‘100’ and again re-write ‘Deeper’. Erase and then repeat with 99, then 98, 97 and so on till you fall asleep. The key is to do this as slowly as possible and mentally observing each action – writing, erasing, writing D E E P E R.

Sleep Control Technique - Silva Life System

Wake up without an Alarm Clock

You can get up without the physical alarm clock by using the Biological rhythm and mental programing. What you would need to do is, use imagination to communicate with the biological clock which will awake you.

The Technique

Form a clear image of a Clock showing the current time. Now move the hands of the clock to the time when you want to wake up. Then say to yourself – This is the time I want to wake up and this is the time I am going to wake up.  Let this be the last thought while you drift into the sleep. You will surprise yourself with the result. Now, main thing is that you do not cheat, by setting a physical alarm clock, even as a backup. What will happen is, you will be sending out a message to the biological clock that – “I think you will not wake me up, so I have my own plan.” And the Alarm in the biological clock will never be set. Do not use this technique if you want to test it out. Use it knowing that it will work.

Solve Problems using Dreams

Everyone dreams. Some may remember some may not. We dream during the day and we dream during the night. Dreams are function of the subconscious mind and it may seem that we do not have any control on the dreams. But in fact, we can consciously control the Subconscious mind and hence access the information in the dream.

We typically sleep by moving from higher brain frequency to the lower frequency. While in Alpha level we experience the rapid eye movement and dreaming. Theta and Delta are associated with Deep sleep. Typically the sleep cycles are of 90 mins. That means, that you would toss or turn, go to the bathroom or adjust your position every 90 mins and then once again enter into the next sleep cycle. With each cycle, the dream time increases. You may have a 5 min dream in the first cycle, increasing up to 30 mins dream in the fifth cycle. This is why you tend to remember the dream that you had in the morning.  But most of us, have the alarms set, which ring either just at the start of the dream cycle or right in the middle and we wake up thinking there was no dream or the dream was all over the place or confusing.

What you see in your dreams is very unique to you and hence only you can do the interpretation of your dream. Best way is to maintain a dream journal and record the signs and symbols that you see.  Write as much details as you can associate to your dreams.  Practicing this will lead to revelation of the meaning of the particular thing you see in the dream.

To use the dreams to solve your problems, you need to first be able to analyse and understand your dreams. Then you have to think of the problem that you are facing and say that you will receive information to solve that problem, through your dreams and you will remember the dream. What may happen as a result is that when you are in deep sleep – at Theta level, the solution may be shown to you. It may come from within you or the Universe may get it from wherever it is. The key is to remember and then analyse what you have seen and apply the solution and get results.

 Meditation & My Experience

The meditation in this module focuses on the above techniques. Laura Silva guides you through the each of these techniques starting with the 3-1 relaxation as an entry point. There is also a special sound in the background that helps to go deeper into the meditation. The sound is more like a mechanical and electrical mix and was composed by Jose’ Silva himself after a lot of trials on various people during his research time.

My experience – I personally have no problems getting into the sleep, but I have now removed all the Alarms that I had before. I slept at 11pm yesterday after the meditation. As I rested my body on the bed, I pictured the clock and moved the clock hands to 4am and drifted into sleep. I got up a couple of time in the night to check what time it was (which is natural as per Silva Method). Each time I went back to sleep, I again moved my visual clock to 4am. I got up exactly at 3:45am and was so fresh. I had no hangover or no urge to go back to bed. I got ready by 4:30am and now writing this article. I could not remember my dream and it could be because my focus was more on the waking up naturally.

Once again, Laura Silva’s powerful guided Meditation cannot be recreated via writing. Also, she shares some wonderful stories and these ideas in detail in each module. To experience this yourself and to get this information directly from the source, get your own copy of Silva Life System now!

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Silva Life System

Silva Life System

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