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by Amod Joshi on February 28, 2012

As a human being, we have 4 parts – Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotion. Each of these parts should be in harmony and should be healthy to allow abundance to flow in all the areas of our life. Our Physical being needs the right amount of nutrients, rest and exercise. This is the only visible part and can be accessed using our sensory factors. The Mental being, our Mind, needs challenges, stimulation, visualization and imagination. We can connect with our mind through meditation. The third part, the Spiritual being needs connection with God or the Universe or the Higher Power and to be in service to others and inspire by music or art. This part can be accessed via prayers. The last part is the Emotional being, which needs expressing of feeling, to forgive others and to be accepted by others. We can access this part by internalizing.

Rest, Meditation, Prayer and Internalization are all ways to go within, in the deeper levels. Thus, thought the right use of Mediation, we can access each of these 4 parts of our being. These 4 parts are also connected to each other and are made from the same substance. Although, Mind, Spirit and Emotions are not visible to the 5 senses, but can be experienced distinctly. Our Body, which can be seen by our eyes, is actually made up of organs, which are made up of tissues and cells and then within the cells we can find atoms and particles and then at the deepest level is the same substance that the Universe and all other 3 parts are made up of.  So we are nothing and we are everything.

Passive Meditation vrs Dynamic Meditation

Since Meditation can access all the 4 parts of our being, we must incorporate meditation in our daily routine. But many think, meditation is hard and takes time. Silva Life System teaches you Dynamic Meditation, in which, even 5 mins is good enough. If you have 10 min, even better and 15 mins is excellent. In Passive Meditation, people try to go deeper into Theta level and stay there as long as they can. While in Dynamic Meditation, even a 5 min Alpha level meditation will give results – if you incorporate it in the daily routine.

Improve Problem solving ability

Have you ever experienced a situation where you did not know the way forward? Many artists, music composers or song writers, experience this quite often while composing their art. There is a block in the flow of their creativity. Many of us experience this in our daily life where we come to a junction and have to decide, this way or that way. But both seem to be equally good. Sometimes there is a missing answer and there is no clue around. This is the time when we should invoke the greatest power that we hold.

As we saw before, our being is made up of the same substance that the Universe is made up of. All the animate and inanimate things are made from the same substance. Compared to all the inanimate things, the plants have cell life and hence grow and live a life. Animals, like us, have cells, tissues and organs. But only Human beings have the highest powers – to think, to reason, to be creative and to be intuitive. With these powers, we can solve any problem. Our mind can connect to the Spiritual being and go anywhere in the planet or even on any other planet or to the smallest tissue in our body. We can find answers to any problem.

Let us do some exercise. Think of the room you are sitting right now.  Now think of the room next door. Think of the main street in your town. Now think of Paris. Think of Saturn, the planet. Now think of a leaf on the tree. Now mentally, take the microscope and look within the leaf and watch the various cells. Within few minutes, your mind just made a trip from your room to Saturn and landed among the various cells of a plant. Your mind is very powerful and can access a lot of information within seconds.

You can meditate and find solutions to your problems. At Alpha level, you can invoke your imagination and creative power and you will be able to see the solution. Once you see the solution, remember the feeling associated and mark it as the reference point. With practice, you will not have to close your eyes for meditation. You just have to recollect the feeling and you will be in the Alpha level and the solution will be with you. This way you can make this technique a part of yourself, just like you learnt Maths and now it is part of you. You use addition and subtraction when you face such a situation that needs this technique.


In this module, Laura Silva takes you through the Long Relaxation Exercise. The 3 to 1 counting is used to enter the Meditation. Each count relaxes the Physical Body (3), Mind (2) and Basic Plane (1). Laura Silva takes you through the Fractional Meditation, relaxing each part of your body one by one.

Laura Silva’s powerful guided Meditation cannot be recreated via writing. To experience it yourself, you can get your copy of Silva Life System using the link below.

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Silva Life System

Silva Life System

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