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by Amod Joshi on February 27, 2012

The Silva Life System

There are so many problems that people complain about – My health is not right; I cannot pay my bills; My partner does not understand me; My kids do not listen to me; My fate always works against me. Silva Life System is designed to address these practical problems using your own Mind Power. Each one of us has the same faculties of mind. It is only few who are aware and have developed them and hence they are called genius. 

Silva Life SystemSilva Life System uses the Mind exercise, Tools and Techniques that will enhance imagination, creativity, intuition and problem solving ability. It teaches you to use your mind to take you from where you are to where you want to be. That is why it is called as Life Accelerating training.

Jose’ Silva’s purpose to conduct research and study the psychology and hypnosis, in 1940, was to find a way for his children to improve their ability to concentrate and remember lessons in the school. But decade long research and experiments lead to phenomenal results and Silva Method was born. This scientifically proven and independently tested system has, since then,  helped millions of people to create an abundant life and it still continues to do so.

The Silva Life System program is divided into 10 Modules, with Laura Silva, Jose’ Silva’s daughter, teaching and guiding through each Module. Each Module ends with a Meditation and teaches several techniques to enhance various areas of your life. Laura’s voice is so powerful and effective that each word penetrates the depths of your mind and starts making the changes, required for the transformation experience. I hope to do same with my writing and pass the right message to you.

Get Started – Set your Goal

Before you start on any journey you need to know the destination. A defined Goal is the map that will show you the way to reach to the place you want to go, from where you are and in a fastest way. Write down your Goals – Short Term, Mid-Term and Long Term and keep them in a safe place. Writing the goals is like signing a contract with the Universe. If you keep your end of the contract – persistently pursue the Goal, the Universe will keep the other end of the contract and bring about all the things necessary to achieve your Goal.

The 4 Step Formula

Step 1 – Managing Stress Effectively

What happens, say, when you are late to work? Or when you lose your car key? Or when your friends leave you behind go out for some party? Your body reacts by – tightening of muscles, clenching of fist, shallow breathing, sweating or eyes becoming narrow. You are in Stress. The reaction triggered by the body is called the ‘Fight or Flight’ response.  The underlying emotions are of Anger or Fear – fear of losing something, fear of being incapable or anger of being abandon. You can associate many other examples to these emotions.

Now if we analyse, the Fight or Flight reaction is designed for the situation where our mind perceives a life threatening danger. None of the above situations are like that. But if you go back to your childhood, you may find a situation where you might have been left alone in a room when your parents stepped out for just few moments. Your child-mind perceives this as danger and creates an association – abandon = fear = Fight or Flight response = stress. Thus our response to stress comes from past.

But now, as an adult, even if our girlfriend or boyfriend abandons us, we invoke the same ‘child-mind’ response, instead of having an ‘adult-analysed-mind’ response. Each time we find ourselves in a stress or leading to that point, we should interrupt the behaviour pattern and stop the reaction by the child-mind and think how we would respond as an adult and then act accordingly.

 Step 2 – Think – What you ‘Want’

 Positive thinking is thinking and talking about the things you desire. Each time when we say – I can’t, I don’t want to, but or try, we are exhibiting the negative thoughts. Even the day to day phrases like – it’s a pain in the neck, I am sick of, I hate this… all these contribute against the positive thought process. We need to remain in the positive state of mind because – Thoughts precede physical manifestation, especially when backed up with emotions.

We have heard many great people say and in every religion – You become what you think about. What you think, bring about a picture of that thing on your mind. The Universe watches the same picture and goes out to bring that thing to you. So, if you are thinking of coming out of Debt then you will get more and more Debt; even if you are thinking about No-Debt.

Hence, each time you think of the negative thought, use the 3 steps of Mental Housekeeping

  • Recognition – Recognize the negative thought – “Getting out of Debt”
  • Cancellation – Cancel the thought by actually saying “Cancel, Cancel”
  • Replacement – Replace the negative thought by a positive one – “I have more Money than I need”

Step 3 – Limiting Beliefs

Belief is a statement that you consider as true and what controls your life experience. So, if you look at the experience you are getting right now, you would know what beliefs you are holding in your mind. If you are not having the money that you want, the root cause is the belief related to the money. You might be saying – I wish to earn more money, but I do not have that time to start a new business idea. The reason you give after the ‘but’ is usually the limiting belief.

Change the belief and you will see the experience changes.

 Step 4 – Use more Brain and Mind

When we are awake, our brain operates at the Beta frequency – 14-21 cycles per second. At this frequency, the brain is working with the 5 senses and is conscious (or confined by) of time and space. The lower frequency, 7-14 cycles per second is called Alpha frequency. Here the brain is more intuitive, creative and imaginative. At this frequency, a person can do deep thinking and identify solutions to various problems. The lower frequency than this is called Theta frequency – 4-7 cycles per second and person does inductive thinking and is hardly aware of space and time. The lowest frequency is called the Delta frequency, which is the state of deep sleep.

Through the mind, our consciousness can focus on things in past and future and cause the brain to operate at a particular frequency.  Through meditation, we can tune ourselves to the lower frequencies of the brain. We can go in the past can correct any disorder or we can go in the future and create a mold of the thing we want and then later go and fill the mold to get what we want.


Counting 10 to 1 is used as the meditation technique to relax and slow the brain wave frequency. Once in deep level of meditation, the affirmations are repeated to reprogramming the mind.

Laura Silva’s powerful guided Meditation cannot be recreated via writing. To experience it yourself, you can get your copy of Silva Life System using below options.

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Silva Life System

Silva Life System

Free the unlimited power of your mind


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