Silva Life System – The 10 Day Challenge

by Amod Joshi on February 26, 2012

Silva Life System 10 day challengeMyLifePuzzle is all about helping people find the best Personal Development product that will suit their need. All of us are searching for the missing pieces of our Puzzle and we are dedicated to help people find their missing piece. Let it be Health, Money, Relationship or Spirituality, we have the best solution for any problem.

Working through this mission to get the best product, we landed on ‘The Silva Life System’ – one of the most comprehensive programs, teaching specialized techniques to put people in greater contact with their true potential.  It trains people to use guided imagination and focused awareness to achieve their goals. We all function in the world of families, careers, jobs, ambitions, goals and social causes. We need more from meditation than just a way to relax and feel connected. We believe, Silva Life System is the bridge between the practical life that we live and the transformed life that we wish to live.

The Silva Life System consists of 10 CDs (each for different areas of your life) and teaches you about 20 powerful techniques to unleash the mind power that is locked up in you. We got so excited with this system and we decided to take the 10 day challenge ourselves. Starting this Tuesday 28-Feb-2012, for next 10 days, we will be working through program. As we go through each CD each day, we will be writing a small article / blog-post on our website.

Bookmark this page and keep coming back to this page each day to find the link to the next article. Read these articles and give us a rating – “On a scale of 1-to-10, how likely are you to recommend this article / product to your family, friends and neighbours?”

Our intention is to give you the insight to each of these CDs. We will share as much information as possible, so that you can use the lessons that we learn and implement them in your life and start walking on the path towards your Life Transformation.

Click the links below. Start from Day 1 and work yourself through each day.

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