Meditate on Your Bad Habits

by Amod Joshi on February 20, 2012

Are you ready to get rid of your bad habits?

“I had made a New Year’s resolution to quit my bad habit, and I am already struggling!!” It is just Feb 2012, and many of us are in the same boat. It may be any habit, smoking, drinking, getting to office late or even spending too much time on Internet. We know that it is bad, but we cannot stop ourselves from doing it – because it is a habit. The dictionary meaning of Habit is – an acquired behaviour pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. Now if you carefully look at this meaning, you will understand that Habit is something we acquire. It is not like a part of our body that we are born with. It is a pattern, if followed regularly, it becomes almost involuntary. Thus Habits can be changed by replacing them with new and good Habits. Instead of fighting the Habit and focusing on the “Not doing” part, you can use some powerful Meditational techniques to replace these old bad habits, with new and good habits.

Jack Canfield told a story about NASA astronauts, who were put into experiment for 30 days. They were made to wear convex goggles, which made them see everything upside down. NASA wanted to test the impact of disorientation in space on these astronauts. But what came to light was that after about 30 days, most of the astronauts were able to generate new neurological path ways and turn the upside down image, right side up in their brains.

They repeated the experiment and this time they allowed few astronauts to remove the goggles for 1 day in between. These astronauts took another 30 days to be able to switch the image right side up. This lead to a discovery of the 30-day principle – the human brain needs 30 continuous days to form a habit (new neurological path ways).

In order to cast away any habit, you would need to stand the 30 day test. It may seem like struggle to conquer this mountain, but if you take the right tools and support systems, the success is guaranteed. Meditation is one such powerful tool. Meditation allows us to clarify our mind and bring about the stability and focus in our thoughts. Once again, taking the example of smoking (but it can replaced by any habit that you want to get rid of). When you decide to stop smoking, you then tend to see more people smoking. You read more about it in the newspaper, on internet and you see people talking about it. On the other hand, you keep telling yourself about the bad results of smoking. Your mind then goes into a battle of thoughts fighting each other. Smoke, do not smoke; it is fine, it is not; it will kill me, it will not kill me. You almost feel like, getting another puff and stop this fight. But you know it may stop for a while and then it will start again.

By doing Meditation, you are able to channel these thoughts in the right direction. When you meditate, you tend to move away from the surrounding environment by switching of your sensory factors. Then you get into a deep thinking mode. This causes relaxation to all the body parts and brain automatically switches over to the Alpha brain-wave frequency. This purges the anxiety, fear and anger. By practicing the relaxed state of mind, you are forming a new habit, which will make the old bad habit get out of the door. Silva Life System is a powerful program that teaches you how to be in the Alpha brain-wa
ve frequency all the day. Even when you are in your regular routine, your mind is stable and relaxed. The various techniques taught in the Silva Method, help you to cater for different circumstances you are in. They even have some mental exercises, specifically to help you get rid of those bad habits. If you use Silva Life System to get rid of a bad habit, you are  involuntarily using the techniques to form good habits and get success in your career, health, relationships and self-satisfaction.

Bob Proctor talks about the Law of Vacuum – Nature always fills up the Vacuum. If you create a vacuum, nature almost instantly replaces it with a new thing. Experiment this in your work place – empty a bin near your printer or tea-room. Almost instantly someone will come and throw some rubbish in it. But if you replace it with a flower vase or a small plant, you will see that same place is now looking better. Same is with your habits – if you do not replace the outgoing bad habit with a good, one, there is good chance that the same or new bad habit will replace it. Use of systems like Silva Life system helps you to replace the vacuum with the good habit.

Silva Life System is not only design to remove bad habits using your sheer mind power, but it also can help you to invoke those hidden talents in you, which you are now aware of right now. Go to Silva Life System and take advantage of their special offers.

Did you know Meditation can also help cure Migraines? More about that in the next article – Stay tuned!!

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