11 Forgotten Laws | Working with the Laws

Why is the Earth round? Why is the sky blue? Why does it rain? Why do we have to get up in the morning? Why don’t humans have tails? – These may sound like a 5 year old kid’s questions. But dwell upon them for a while and you will start to wonder, who is running the show (called LIFE) in the background.

Let’s take this questioning to another level. Why only a handful of people get rich? Why some seemingly untalented people become world famous? Why do I keep getting attracted to the wrong kind of man or woman? Why don’t I get the promotion I deserve? Why my business isn’t going where I want it to go? Why I have to struggle with a mountain of debt each year and never seem to get out of it?

The things happen this way because they are ‘designed’ that way. It is by “Law”. The Science may call this as “Energy” and any religion may call it as “GOD”, but there is an unseen force that drives us into these circumstances. Raymond Holliwell has explained these Laws – the reason for the things that happen around us – in his book “Working with the Laws”.

These Laws of the universe govern everything that was there and that ever will be. It isn’t a wonder if these Laws are known to any man and he knows how to work with the laws of the universe, he will see the success he wants in no time.

The world famous Guru Bob Proctor together with Mary Morrissey created a program to guide you and teach to you how to use the Laws of the universe to achieve success you want and deserve. In this comprehensive program they take you through the 11 Laws of the universe or the ‘Forgotten Laws’ as Raymond Holliwell put it and provide vital insights using their own life experiences.

It is in the similar way, as we understand and respect the Law of Gravity. We will not let a baby walk over the edge of the balcony as we know that if the baby steps out, the gravitation force will bring it down on the ground floor. We are like this baby. We wander around without the awareness of the Laws and hence we fall off and hurt ourselves in many occasions.

Imagine how powerful we will be, if we understand the Laws of the Universe – that controls the Money that we earn, that determines the kind of people that come in our life, the experiences we have, the circumstances we get into. This program will help us to do the exactly same thing. It will be like having these 3 influential people guiding you into this Secret.


11 Forgotten Laws

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How to use this Program? – TheMyLifePuzzle tips

  • Listen to each of the Audio Chapters several times – Remember Repetition is the First Law of Success.
  • Read the corresponding chapter from the ebook (included in the pack) and read more examples.
  • Write down notes and your understanding of each of these Laws.
  • Setup a routine and dedicate a certain time for this program each day (even weekends) – the way you would set up an exercise routine for your body.
  • Explain / Write down – How you can apply each of these Laws in your daily routine – in your business – in your relationship.
  • Write down all the ideas that you get while you study this material – one of them is going to change your life – like night changes to day.
  • Last but not the least – share the new awareness that you will get with all your friends and family. Help your friends and family by referring them to this website. The more people you help, the more successful you will be.


11 Forgotten Laws

Get your copy of 11 Forgotten Laws.

 May you find the success, happiness and peace you deserve!